VITORGAN is a modern and dynamic company, with more than 60 years experience in the pharmacy market. It is engaged in the production, import, distribution and export of quality and innovative pharmaceutical products, Nutritional supplements and Phytocosmetics.

All VITORGAN products are categorized in 3 lines, which are and the axis for their future development and communication.

  • NutraLead Health & Beauty: natural food supplements and cosmetics with natural ingredients for a healthy and beautiful body, internally and externally.
  • PharmaLead Pharmacy Care Products:  special pharmacy care products. Products to address the daily challenges faced by our body and our skin.
  • EyeLead Optical Quality Products: a line of presbyopia glasses and sunglasses for adults and children.


Stations in the company's history:

  • 1952: Charalambos Abatzoglou is establishing VITIRGAN, as a personal company trading species of pharmacies and pharmaceutical products.
  • 1980: The company takes its present legal form
  • 1986: The management of the company is taken by the Sotiris and Dimitris Abatzoglou siblings.
  • 2004: The PharmaLead company is established, for the research and the development of new pharmacy. products. Charalambos Abatzoglou jr has the management of the company.
  • 2008: Merge of the two companies. CEO and Executive Director takes over Charalambos Abatzoglou Jr. The third generation of the family continues with the same eagerness and the same devotion for the development of the company, with a 60 years legacy of excellent relations with a wide network of pharmacists and partners.
  • 2013: The upgrade of the company's profile, grouping and launching new products under the EyeLead, NutraLead and PharmaLead branding. 


VITORGAN is a business of today, with modern organization and orientations. It is located in its own facilities in Byron, Attica, where the offices, administrative services, central warehouse and distribution center are housed.

It is constantly investing both in modern, attractive and quality product on the shelf, which is an easy sale for pharmacist-partner, and in promotional material in the sale area with new informative brochures, window stickers, promotions and personalized recommendations for each partner.

The long presence of VITORGAN and its continuous development are based on its negotiable timeless values, which are summarized in three concepts:

  • Innovation
  • Product and service quality
  • Respect to the nature, to the partners and to the consumers


People's vision of the company is to identify the name of VITORGAN with products for a better life. Our aim is to provide high quality health and beauty products at affordable prices, which fully meet the needs and demands of the modern consumer, giving value to his money.


In Vitorgan, following faithfully since many years our values, we systematically contribute to improving the quality of life of the communities that we operate in a responsible manner towards fellow man. In line with our philosophy and our vision to provide products for a better life, we work hard to be near to social groups that really need support and contribution by offering financial support to relevant agencies to enable them to implement their plans and programs. For many years we stand next to organizations with intensive social activities, such as the “Unesco” foundation and the “Elpida” association, hoping that through collective action help the society to make a step forward.


Our private labeling services can support various tailor made products to accommodate your needs, unlike many other private labeling companies that may only serve larger or specific requests. Customers can produce their own brand of goods (food supplements, dermocosmetics, OTC care products), without investing much in facilities, equipment, and supplies. We oversee the production of your product from start to finish. With the highest level of quality and attention to detail, we create your brand image just as if you did it yourself. Our expertise in managing the complexities of manufacturing and fulfillment, allows you to focus on the strengths of your business. In this way, we support your business, all while strengthening your brand. With more than 60 years of expertise, Vitorgan is the best choice for your private label pharmaceutical product needs.



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ISO 9001:2015
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Participation in the "9th Conference+Expo Medical and Pharmacy Management"
The Vitorgan company was one of the Exhibitors in this year 9th Conference+Expo Medical and Pharmacy Management “Workshop – Exhibition Entrepreneurship and Health Communication”, which took...
VITORGAN is a modern and dynamic company, with more than 60 years experience in the pharmacy market. It is engaged in the production, import, distribution and export of quality and innovative...
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