Reading Glasses for Adults

Reading Glasses Ε191
EyeLead reading glasses are the ideal choice for easy and comfortable reading. The advanced Flex system, clear indication of their design superiority, greatly enhances the flexibility of the arm and the resistance of the whole frame. Meanwhile, high - tech aspheric lenses ensure maximum visual quality, providing anti - scratch resistance, high definition, natural depiction, easy cleaning and optimal water endurance.

EyeLead series is available in a wide variety of colors and includes all possible lenses gradations:
0,75 - 1,00 - 1,25 - 1,50 - 1,75 - 2,00 - 2,25 - 2,50 - 2,75 – 3,00 - 3,25 - 3,50 - 3,75 - 4,00 degrees.

Did you know?

From the age of 40 all people have shown presbyopia

The eyes are naturally adjusted to looking far

In our effort to see the small letters, eyes are not blinking at a normal rate to moistened sufficiently their surface with tears, resulting in fatigue, heaviness, redness and dry eyes

Available Options

Reading Glasses Ε1915205352009090
Reading Glasses E 133E 1335203339002447
Reading Glasses Ε142Ε1425203339004434
Reading Glasses Ε143Ε1435203339004441
Reading Glasses Ε144Ε1445203339004458
Reading Glasses Ε145Ε1455203339004465
Reading Glasses Ε146Ε1465203339004472
Reading Glasses Ε147Ε1475203339004489
Reading Glasses Ε148Ε1485203339004496
Reading Glasses Ε149Ε1495203339004502
Reading Glasses Ε150Ε1505203339004519
Reading Glasses Ε159E1595203339001259
Reading Glasses Ε151Ε1515203339001129
Reading Glasses Ε152Ε1525203339001136
Reading Glasses Ε153Ε1535203339001150
Reading Glasses Ε154Ε1545203339001167
Reading Glasses Ε155Ε1555203339001174
Reading Glasses Ε156Ε1565203339001198
Reading Glasses Ε157Ε1575203339001204
Reading Glasses Ε158Ε1585203339001242
Reading Glasses Ε160E1605203339001372
Reading Glasses Ε161E 1615205352000691
Reading Glasses Ε162E 1625205352000707
Reading Glasses Ε163E 1635205352000714
Reading Glasses Ε164Ε 1645205352000745
Reading Glasses Ε170Ε 1705205352001049
Reading Glasses Ε169Ε 1695205352001032
Reading Glasses Ε168Ε 1685205352001001
Reading Glasses Ε167Ε 1675205352000998
Reading Glasses Ε166Ε 1665205352000981
Reading Glasses Ε165Ε 1655205352000974
Reading Glasses Ε1715205352001056
Reading Glasses Ε1725205352001087
Reading Glasses Ε1735205352001100
Reading Glasses Ε1745205352001117
Reading Glasses Ε1745205352001124
Reading Glasses Ε1765205352001131
Reading Glasses Ε1775205352001148
Reading Glasses Ε1795205352001179
Reading Glasses Ε1805205352001186
Reading Glasses Ε1815205352001193
Reading Glasses Ε1825205352001209
Reading Glasses Ε1785205352001179
Reading Glasses Ε1835205352001216
Reading Glasses Ε1845205352001223
Reading Glasses Ε1855205352001834
Reading Glasses Ε1865205352001841
Reading Glasses Ε1875205352001858
Reading Glasses Ε1885205352008734
Reading Glasses Ε1895205352008857
Reading Glasses Ε1905205352008970
Reading Glasses Ε1925205352009212
Reading Glasses Ε1935205352009335
Reading Glasses Ε1945205352009458
Reading Glasses Ε1955205352009571
Reading Glasses Ε1995205352000028
Reading Glasses Ε2005205352001391
Reading Glasses Ε2015205352001674
Reading Glasses Ε2025205352001797
Reading Glasses Ε2035205352002008
Reading Glasses Ε213Ε 2135205352010614
Reading Glasses Ε 212Ε 2125205352010492
Reading Glasses Ε 211Ε 2115205352010379
Reading Glasses Ε 210Ε 2105205352010256
Reading Glasses Ε209Ε 2095205352010133
Reading Glasses Ε 208Ε 2085205352010010
Reading Glasses Ε207Ε 2075205352000325
Reading Glasses Ε206Ε 2065205352000202
Reading Glasses Ε205Ε 2055203339002126
Reading Glasses Ε204Ε 2045203339001396

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