Sunglasses for kids

Kids Sunglasses Κ 1025
EyeLead sunglasses are the ideal choice to enjoy the sun safely. The baby line is made of hypoallergenic rubber so as not to break, not to injure and not to cause skin irritations. The polarized lenses provide maximum protection against harmful sun rays, while ensuring the optimal visual quality under the light, as they stress details, increase depth perception and enhance color contrast.

Did you know?

Experts recommend that children should wear sunglasses when placed outdoors from the age of one

If the child is in calm water, the percentage of ultraviolet radiation can be increased up to 75%

Available Options

Kids Sunglasses Κ 1025Κ10255203339004687
Kids Sunglasses K 1012K 10125203339002614
Kids Sunglasses K 1013K 10135203339002621
Kids Sunglasses K 1014K 10145203339002638
Kids Sunglasses K 1015K 10155203339002645
Kids Sunglasses K 1016K 10165203339002652
Kids Sunglasses K 1017K 10175203339002669
Kids Sunglasses K 1018K 10185203339002676
Kids Sunglasses K 1019K 10195203339002836
Kids Sunglasses K 1020K 10205203339002843
Kids Sunglasses K 1021K 10215203339002850
Kids Sunglasses K 1022K 10225203339002867
Kids Sunglasses K 1023K 10235203339002874
Kids Sunglasses K 1024K 10245203339002881
Kids Sunglasses Κ 1026Κ10265203339004694
Kids Sunglasses Κ 1027Κ10275203339004700
Kids Sunglasses Κ 1028Κ10285203339004717
Kids Sunglasses Κ 1029Κ10295203339004724
Kids Sunglasses Κ 1030Κ10305203339004731
Kids Sunglasses Κ 1031Κ10315203339004748
Kids Sunglasses Κ 1032Κ10325203339004755
Kids Sunglasses Κ 1033Κ10335203339004762
Kids Sunglasses Κ 1035Κ10355203339004786
Kids Sunglasses Κ 1037Κ10375203339004809
Kids Sunglasses Κ 1038Κ10385203339004816
Kids Sunglasses Κ 1039Κ10395203339004823
Kids Sunglasses Κ 1040Κ10405203339004830
Kids Sunglasses Κ 1034K 10345203339002652
Kids Sunglasses K 1036K 10365203339004793
Kids Sunglasses K 1041K 10415203339001587
Kids Sunglasses K 1042K 10425203339001860
Kids Sunglasses K 1043Κ 10435203339001600
Kids Sunglasses K 1044K 10445203339001617
Kids Sunglasses K 1045K 10455203339001624
Kids Sunglasses K 1046K 10465203339001631
Kids Sunglasses K 1047K 10475203339001648
Kids Sunglasses K 1048K 10485203339001655
Kids Sunglasses K 1049Κ 10495203339001518
Kids Sunglasses K 1054Κ 10545203339000085
Kids Sunglasses K 1052Κ 10525205352002428
Kids Sunglasses K 1050Κ 10505205352002343
Kids Sunglasses K 1051Κ 10515205352002411
Kids Sunglasses K 1053Κ 10535203339000016
Kids Sunglasses K 1055Κ 10555203339000139

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