Sunglasses for adults

Sunglasses L 606
EyeLead sunglasses are the ideal choice to enjoy the sun safely. The polarized lenses provide maximum protection against harmful sun rays, while ensuring the optimal visual quality under the light, as they stress details, increase depth perception and enhance color contrast.

Did you know?

Solar radiation is responsible for the early wrinkles around the eyes

The sunlight is definitely a risk factor for the appearance of senile cataract

Available Options

Sunglasses L 606L 6065203339002737
Sunglasses L 612L 6125203339002799
Sunglasses L 613L 6135203339002805
Sunglasses L 614L 6145203339002812
Sunglasses L 615L 6155203339002829
Sunglasses L620L6205203339004526
Sunglasses L621L6215203339004533
Sunglasses L622L6225203339004540
Sunglasses L623L6235203339004557
Sunglasses L624L6245203339004564
Sunglasses L625L6255203339004571
Sunglasses L626L6265203339004588
Sunglasses L627L6275203339004595
Sunglasses L629L6295203339004618
Sunglasses L630L6305203339004625
Sunglasses L631L6315203339004632
Sunglasses L632L6325203339004649
Sunglasses L633L6335203339004656
Sunglasses L634L6345203339004663
Sunglasses L636 Night ViewL636-Night View5203339005035
Sunglasses L637L 6375203339000429
Sunglasses L 640L 6405203339000733
Sunglasses L 641L 6415203339001853
Sunglasses L 642L 6425203339001860
Sunglasses L 643L 6435203339001877
Sunglasses L 644L 6445203339001884
Sunglasses L 647L 6475203339002034
Sunglasses L 648L 6485203339002041
Sunglasses L 645L 6455203339002010
Sunglasses L 646L 6465203339002027
Sunglasses L 659L 6595205352002329
Sunglasses L 660L 6605203339001327
Sunglasses L 654L 6545205352002220
Sunglasses L 653L 6535205352002213
Sunglasses L 656L 6565205352002268
Sunglasses L 649L 6495205352002138
Sunglasses L 657L 6575205352002275
Sunglasses L 655L 6555205352002237
Sunglasses L 650L 6505205352002145
Sunglasses L 652L 6525205352002206
Sunglasses L 658L 6585205352002312
Sunglasses L 651L 6515205352002169
Sunglasses L 674L 6745205352011109
Sunglasses L 661L 6615205352010973
Sunglasses L 662L 6625205352010980
Sunglasses L 663L 6635205352010997
Sunglasses L 664L 6645205352011000
Sunglasses L 665L 6655205352011017
Sunglasses L 666L 6665205352011024
Sunglasses L 667L 6675205352011031
Sunglasses L 668L 6685205352011048
Sunglasses L 669L 6695205352011055
Sunglasses L 670L 6705205352011062
Sunglasses L 671L 6715205352011079
Sunglasses L 672L 6725205352011086
Sunglasses L 675L 6755205352011116
Sunglasses L 673L 6735205352011093
Sunglasses L 676L 6765205352011123
Sunglasses L 677L 6775205352011130

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