Silicone cushions

For high heel lady sandals & pumps
Absorb pressure │ Thin & Transparent
Silicone Cushions
The transparent and soft shoe insoles PharmaLead are specially designed to protect the sole of the foot from the pain caused by the high heel shoes. Made of ultra-thin and discreet silicone gel and anti-slip base to prevent sliding. They are washable and reusable, invisible, odorless and friendly to the skin. Apply easily and fit all types of shoes.
Silicone Cushions

Great Benefits

Offer relief from the heels
Rest the foot
Can be re-used

Did you know?

Wearing the same pair of heels constantly exerted pressure on a specific point of your foot
You would select every so-heeled shoes that are open in front (peeptoes) - your feet will not be "trapped" so much
The high heel is preferable to purchased afternoon, that our feet are swollen


Silicone gel

Instruction of use

Remove the insole from their coating film. Put the insoles in the shoes, having the smooth surface being downwards and the embossing surface being upwards; the pointed side should be put in the heel.

Available Options

Silicone Cushions1 pair cushions5203339001501

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