Replenishing Cream for Cracked Skin

with με almond oil, papaya, vitamin E & aloe
Replenishing Cream for Cracked Skin
It contains a unique combination of ingredients with strong regeneration properties which restore the natural balance and restore skin health. Hydrates, regenerates, improves skin texture, giving solution to the annoying problem of cracked skin on the heel area.

Highly effective formula with:
Urea and glycerin which replenish, nourish and soften skin, thus restoring its initial texture.
Salicylic acid, organically cultivated aloe vera, panthenol and Vitamin E, ingredients with antiseptic, anti–inflammatory, soothing and healing properties.
Menthol, almond and papaya which give skin a velvety texture and a pleasant sense of coolness and freshness.

Effective hydration according to clinical study of University Dermatology Clinic.

Great Benefits

√ Provide intensive hydration
√ Helps regeneration of the cracked skin
√ Offers a sense of freshness

Did you know?

The cracked heels may be a warning of a possible warning for dehydration or dryness in this area

Dryness or creacked heels may be the reaction of our body when we walk barefoot

The number of women with cracked heels is bigger than the number of men


Ingredients: urea (10%), glycerin (5%), salicylic acid (2%), D-panthenol (1%), vitamin E, aloe vera powder, menthol, almond oil, shea butter.

Parabens free│ mineral oil free │ colorants free

Instruction of use

Directions for use: Apply the cream day and night on hardened skin, repeating until it softens. Continue using once a day to keep skin soft.

Caution: For external use only.
Keep out of reach of children, in a dry and cool place.
Do not use on wounds or infected cracks.
Discontinue use if irritation happens.
Do not use in children under 3 years old.

Available Options

Replenishing Cream for Cracked Skin75ml5203339000221

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